Mike McDearmon

Product designer and researcher helping organizations connect with the people they serve and deliver long term value.

Professional Experience

  • Ro
  • Director of Product Design | Aug 2021 - Present
  • I lead product design strategy for Ro's platform which powers in-home & virtual patient care as well as medication dispensing & delivery to the patient's door.
  • Qualitative Research Consulting
  • Research Lead | Jan 2021 - Present
  • I run research sprints that enable both new and established organizations to learn from their target audience quickly and launch successful products. Services include research planning and strategy, data collection, analysis, and communication of key insights.
  • Hyperscience
  • Director of Product Design | Jul 2020 - Aug 2021
  • Alongside partners in engineering and product leadership, I established a lean and agile design practice that enabled the launch of Hyperscience's AI-powered document processing platform.
  • Pivotal
  • Design Manager | Jun 2015 - Jun 2020
  • I helped clients in healthcare, finance, retail and beyond take products from idea to reality, establishing human centered design teams and sustainable practices along the way.
  • Case, Inc
  • Sr Software Designer | Feb 2012 - May 2015
  • Our team of building industry and software professionals enabled architects, engineers and construction crews to reduce manual toil and collaborate across siloed project phases and disciplines.
  • Forum 8
  • VR Designer | May 2009 - Feb 2012
  • On a team of civil engineers and software developers, I created virtual simulations of transportation, traffic, flooding, and disaster evacuation for city planners and departments of transportation.

Personal Projects

  • Stories from Planet Earth
  • Essays that view the climate crisis through the lens of geologic time. Inspired by curiosity, awe, and anxiety in this unique moment of human and geologic history.
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  • Earth Science Bookmarks
  • Inspired by the dynamic power of our living planet, these bookmarks serve as reference tools to help scientists and students alike understand the divisions of geologic time, the layers of the Earth, and the scale of our solar system.
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  • Trailhead: The Wilderness Survival Game
  • A board game about overcoming the extremes of the great outdoors. Funded on Kickstarter in 2018 with games shipped to players in 19 countries and 43 states. 3rd edition copies available on Etsy.
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  • While We Wait...
  • A facilitation tool that helps moderators kick off meetings with extra focus, clarity, and momentum in the first few minutes while participants trickle in.
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  • Clim8
  • A command line emulator that helps software developers test terminal interfaces without having to build them first. Type the command clim8 in the demo to explore.
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